HOPETREE "S" is a brand of urban multipurpose share type real estate developed by HopeTree Inc.

Shared gym:


Currently, sports training related businesses are rapidly developing in Asia. In large cities in Japan, many people attend sports gyms regardless of the age of young people or middle-aged people, but It is hard to go to a gym that many people share and use, and there are people who want to train with emphasis on privacy without being visible to the public when changing their shape.

With our property, you can place your main exercise equipment in a room of 20 to 30 square meters, and you can use a 24-hour card to get in and out, an hourly charge, and a trainer to choose from. We aim to maximize the profit of trainers and users. (Fitness, yoga, kick boxing, etc)

Shared office:


The migration service for buyers performed by us has requirements for establishing a corporation in Japan. If you rent a new office at that time, it costs a large amount of money, but create the minimum space necessary for the establishment of a company and immigration application (3 to 5 square meters) Small and medium-sized at a minimum cost  corporate offices I will lease to a company.

We aim to minimize the cost of office users and maximize profits.

Share school:


We offer room of 20 square meters-30 square meters same as share gym as English conversation, after school such as multipurpose education place, use is set to use price every hour, and profit of educator and user We aim to maximize.


What makes us different


Maximized profit

shared gym

efficient management



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