HOPETREE is an accommodation-type real estate brand developed by HopeTree Inc.

The Abe Administration enacted the Basic Act on Promotion of Tourism, and Japan has begun its journey as a nation of tourism. Accommodation in major cities in Japan has been severely short of rooms, and accommodation rates in major cities have been maintained at around 85% or more, due to the effects of foreign tourists and the number of foreign tourists increasing year by year. A clear rule has been established for the private residence business which was enacted on June 15, 2018, and the private residence new law was enacted on June 15, 2018. About 80% or more of existing people stayed out of business.

In addition, the real estate leasing business in Japan is expected to become the limit of the leasing business due to the declining population of Japan every year, and the future market will become even more difficult.

Our company researches and examines with the keywords “Japan”, “365-day manageable accommodation-type real estate”, “location” and “management”, which is a market with high value and high demand from now on, legally possible 365 days Development of a property that has acquired a license for

The HOPETREE brand accommodation property is our development philosophy that selected “location” and “market” where value will be increased in Japan from now on and “how to operate profit maximization”. This property is pursuing “continuance of value” and “certainty of operation” 


What makes us special


365 Days operating


planning & Innovation



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