HopeTree distributes 1200 face masks to owners

From the outbreak of the pandemics until now, all over the world have been affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. 

Japan’s tourism industry has also suffered a relatively large impact during this period. Many small businesses and shops can only choose temporarily suspend business and even close. Hoping that the epidemic will quickly stop andreturn to normal.

Face masks in Japan have suddenly out of stock since the end of January. For a short period of time, drugstores restricted people to over purchasing and let more people to buy small amount of face masks.

Every drugstore notice such as “face masks are not available / temporarily out of stock.” We understand that many areas also have a great affected by the outbreak. Therefore, we intend to purchase face masks to help all of our owners.

Purchasing process is far more difficult than what we expect. We contact many masks manufactures but they cannot temporarily accept any orders. We have no choice to line up at the drug stores to purchase. Our staffs line up at the drugs store before they open. Each person able to buy 1,2 packs and even some drugstores are out of stock.

After we have a hard time to purchasing for a month, finally we bought 1200 face masks and packed by our President Mr. Sato Yoshinori.

With the help and connection of our staffs and partners, face masks have been delivered and distributed to our owners. Thanks to our staffs and partners for their hard working and patience.

Due to the shortage and limited quantities may not enough everyone needs, hope everyone understand the situation. 

At last, we would like to thanks all of our owners for understanding. We appreciate your trust and we’ll do our best to continue to give you the kind of service you deserve. 

Thank you for your great support HopeTree.

Updated on March 25 ,2020

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